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Tap Into Your Favorite Celebrity and Pop Star Trivia and Hollywood Gossip Right from Your iPhone!

Which unlikely singer did Fall Out Boy partner with on their Believers Never Die Part Deux tour?

Which young star started an uproar over her photos in Vanity Fair?

Which celebrity got his start in showbiz after running away to join the circus and becoming a fire eater?

Find the juiciest tidbits and tantalizing facts you never knew about your favorite stars with the Hollywood Gossip iPhone app!

While everybody else is around the water cooler sharing rumors, you can become the go-to guru for all things Tinsel Town with this stunning new app.

Forget boring "who-played-in-what-movie" questions and a bunch of "whos-dating-who" questions like the sort you always find on todays celebrity quizzes. Anyone can find that kind of information with a quick trip to TMZ or Perez Hilton. The questions youll answer on Hollywood Gossip are designed to spark attention and interest, so youll become a regular Hollywood trivia star in no time!

With one hundred questions ranging from easy to difficult, you can match your celebrity wits against the clock or take your time and have fun learning fascinating facts you never knew about the stars you love. Why just be a gossip-hound when you can recite fun-filled details on A-List celebs?

Here are just a few more of the interesting and mind-blowing Hollywood trivia tidbits youll learn:

Which celebrity makes homemade aphrodisiac bath scrubs for his girlfriend?
Which hot actor isnt performing any more nude scenes on screen
Which singer was booed on stage by her fans after forgetting the lyrics to two of her songs
Which gorgeous actor said "being married means I can eat ice cream and fart in bed"

Watch in amazement as people around you are shocked and stunned at your new-found celebrity quiz knowledge. Dont be surprised if you hear things like "No he did NOT really say that!" or "She did WHAT?!"

Test your friends and family on the Hollywood Gossip trivia game and see who can reach the highest score! Youll find both classic favorites and the hottest new celeb gossip on display - so its a trivia game that anyone with an interest in showbiz and entertainment can play! The whole quiz is intuitive and user-friendly so that you can download it and start playing right away. It works with both your iPhone and iPod Touch, so you can click and tap your way to amazing facts and little-known details about all your faves!

If you find other iPhone celebrity trivia apps boring or redundant in their questions, youll especially want to download Hollywood Gossip. Interesting, curiosity-provoking questions will have you discovering the truth about all your favorite actors and singers while watching them in a whole new way!

And for the price, Hollywood Gossip is a must have game. Challenge yourself today! Will you flunk out and find yourself on the B-List or will you rise to become a Blockbuster Champion? Youll never know until you play Hollywood Gossip. Download it and see what youve been missing!